Dear Parents and Students,

Wonderful to see you all at honors night yesterday! Pictures and a recap will be going out in the principal news blast this weekend. Now, we move on to exam graduation season! Below is information about the AP exams the next two weeks, and final exams:

Final exams (school uniform still required):

Seniors: You are exempt from a final exam if you have a “C” average or higher in that class. However, all students are required to take a math final. These finals will be conducted the last week of school for the seniors. If you have lower than a “C” average in a class, or just wish to boost your grade via a final, please coordinate with your teacher as to when you’ll take the final.

Fresh, Sophomores, Juniors: You are exempt from a final exam if you have a “A” average for that class. Again, the math final is still required of all students. The finals we be conducted May 25th, 26th, 30th and 31st. The final day of school will be a half day on June 1st to clean the classrooms, and class goodbyes.

AP Exams:

Please arrive a half hour before your exam begins. Leave your phone at home or in your locker. If taking an exam, you do not have to attend regular classes that day (e.g. if a morning exam, you may leave right after). You may dress down if you’re wearing St. John Paul II spirit wear (e.g. a t-shirt with the logo or sports team on it).

Here is the schedule and the locations for the exams in May:
Monday (1st)
8am Chemistry – Room 205
12pm Psychology – Room 205

Tuesday (2nd)
8am Computer Science – Room 212
8am Spanish Language – Room 205

Wednesday (3rd)
8am English Lit. – Room 205

Monday (8th)
8am Biology – Room 212
8am Music Theory – Room 205

Tuesday (9th)
8am Calculus AB – Room 205
8am Calculus BC – Room 212

Wednesday (10th)
8am English Language – Room 205

Thursday (11th)
12pm Statistics – Room 205

Friday (12th)
8am Human Geo. – Room 205
12pm Latin – Room 205

Greg Monroe, Principal