Please see the below message from the Principal:

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all are safe and quickly on the way to regaining power if it’s not back already. Thank you to all the first responders who have been working hard to get the city up and running. We were very fortunate that the impact was much less than anticipated, but please continue to pray and support our brothers and sisters throughout the state who are stranded, hurt or otherwise terribly affected by Irma. Please also continue to keep in your prayers those individuals still recovering from Harvey in the Houston area.

St. JP II is reopening Wednesday for all faculty and staff to reassemble the classrooms which were prepared in advance of the Hurricane, and for a professional development session on campus safety and situational awareness which was originally scheduled for Friday.  All students will return Thursday for a full day, and Friday will be a full day of school, not a half day as originally scheduled on the master calendar

Please keep us informed if you are still dealing with downed trees, lines or power outages on Thursday which would prevent you from coming to school.
Stay Safe,
Greg Monroe