Last week, SJPIICHS student athletes tried out a new Motion Performance System from Dashr. The system sets up laser timing gates controlled by mobile device. SJPIICHS alum Dr. Chase Pfeifer, the CEO of Dashr, was on hand to help student athletes with the new system and was kind enough to donate it to the school.

Dashr is a sports performance measurement company that is revolutionizing the world of sports science. Founded by Dr. Pfeifer, Thomas Frederick, and Joseph Palmowski in 2015, Dashr now offers professional grade electronic timing gates at a fraction of the price of its competitors. It is our vision that Dashr will open opportunities for athletic programs and facilities of all sizes and budgets, giving athletes a standard to evaluate their training and better prepare themselves for the next level.

The Dashr electronic timing system is entirely wireless and is controlled by an Android or iOS smart phone app. The modular design allows for endless combinations of electronic timing gates to perform the most standard events such as laps, the 10 or 40 yard dash, and pro-agility (shuttle run) to any number of custom training courses.

SJPIICHS offers its sincerest thanks to Dr. Pfeifer for donating a Motion Performance System to our school, making us the first high school in Tallahassee to have this important resource for student athletes.

Dr. Pfeifer earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Florida State University with a minor in mathematics, biology, and physics in 2010. He also obtained a master’s degree in mechanical engineering as well as a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2012 and 2015, respectively. Chase has several years of experience with device design, biomechanics, and athletic performance testing. While performing research for his dissertation at the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab he has worked with over 600 student athletes and dozens of coaches across a wide range of collegiate sports. His experience in athletic performance testing and the relationships he has built with renowned athletic professionals and companies makes him a pivotal member of the Dashr team for understanding the needs of coaches and development of performance testing elite products.

For more about Dashr, go here.