St. John Paul II Catholic High School Financial Aid Program

There are a variety of aid options for families of a SJPIICHS Student, including need-based aid and merit scholarships to help families afford tuition. Each is discussed below.

Need-Based Financial Aid

The St. John Paul II Catholic High School tuition assistance program is especially designed for the most financially needy students in our school. SJPIICHS has chosen to use FACTS for financial aid application processing.

The income and assets of a family are taken into account, as well as family size, extraordinary expense, number of children attending tuition charging schools (excluding colleges/universities), metropolitan area of residence, number of working parents and the value of parents’ assets. Unusual family tragedy or catastrophes, such as job loss or large medical expense are taken into account. Families that incur a large amount of “choice debt” are not rewarded for unwise financial planning.

Reports prepared by FACTS from information gathered from parents/guardians are used by the SJPIICHS Financial Aid Committee to determine tuition assistance awards. Dollar amounts of awards vary with the largest grants going to families who apply by the deadline and demonstrate the greatest need in a given school year.

In addition to the FACTS application process, SJPIICHS accepts third party need based financial aid like Step Up for Students. SJPIICHS may, as part of the financial aid process, require families who are applying for need-based financial aid to also apply to third party need-based financial aid programs as a condition to receiving consideration from the SJPIICHS Financial Aid Committee. You will be notified and assisted in that process by SJPIICHS if required.

Merit Scholarship Program

St. John Paul II Catholic High School is pleased to have partnered with Good Shepherd, Blessed Sacrament and St. Thomas More to offer a limited number of merit scholarships to the parishioners of those parishes who choose to further their Catholic education at St. John Paul II Catholic High School. Applying for these scholarships is easy and the requirements to be considered are few.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to be considered for a merit based scholarship, the student must:

1. Be an incoming 9th grader or new transfer student new to SJPIICHS;

2. Be participating Catholics at one of the three parishes;

3. Have a scheduled and completed a shadow and placement testing day at the school OR have a completed, paid registration form , OR be already enrolled to attend SJPIICHS; and

4. Maintained a middle school grade point average of 3.5.

Application Process

1. Complete the Scholarship Application, including essay, by July 9, 2018. Please note that the essay must be the work of the student. While parents are encouraged to proofread the essay, the writing and ideas presented should reflect the ability and thoughts of the student.

2. Submit a completed Principal/Counselor recommendation form. The principal of the student’s current school or some other administrator or counselor who knows the student well should complete the recommendation and return it in the self-addressed envelope enclosed. This
should be returned to SJPIICHS by July 9, 2018.

Please be aware that materials in the student’s regular application file (including, but not limited to: standardized test scores, middle school grades, and behavior/conduct marks) will serve as part of the basis for evaluation in the scholarship application process.

General Information

The numbers of scholarships awarded, the scholarship amounts, as well as the selection of scholarship recipients is entirely that of the each individual parish and is not made by faculty or staff at SJPIICHS. Also, please note, that the merit scholarship application process is separate from the need-based financial-aid process. Families may apply for both merit scholarships and need-based tuition-assistance awards.

For  a complete application and more information see the link below:

St. John Paul II Financial Aid and Merit Scholarship Program