Our rigorous curriculum provides opportunities for our students to choose a pathway that will best prepare them for the future. Basic course and attendance requirements must be met by all students who attend John Paul II. The requirements are:

– Eight semesters of attendance in high school
– The completion of 24 credits distributed as listed below
– The completion of their senior year with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale), fulfillment of all student obligations (academic, disciplinary, and financial)
– The religious service requirement

All students must carry a minimum of 7 credits per year (including one credit in religion) unless waived by the principal. Listed below is the sequence of courses necessary to graduate in four years.


Advanced Placement

St. John Paul II offers students the opportunity to enroll in courses which prepare them for the Advanced Placement tests: Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Latin, Art Portfolio, Calculus AB, Human Geography, English Language and Composition and English Literature, Music Theory and Statistics. College credit may be awarded based on the student’s performance on these examinations. Qualified students may also participate in Tallahassee Community College Courses and Florida State University off campus programs.



List of Courses*

Foreign Language
Latin I, II, III Honors
AP Latin
Spanish I, II, III Honors
AP Spanish

English I, I Honors
English II, II Honors
English III, III Honors
English IV
Journalism I, II, III, IV
AP Literature
AP Language/Composition
TCC Dual Enrollment
ENC 1101-1102

Algebra I, I Honors
Geometry, Honors
Algebra II, II Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Calculus A/B
Financial Algebra

Biology I, I Honors
AP Biology
Chemistry I, I Honors
AP Chemistry
Physics, Honors
AP Physics
Environmental Science
Aerospace Engineering
Principles of Technology I

Drawing & Painting I, II, III, IV
3D Art I, II, III, and IV
Instrumental Ensemble I, II, III, IV
Guitar I, II, III, IV
Piano Lab
AP Music Theory
Drama I, II, III, IV

*Elective courses subject to change year to year.