At St. John Paul II, every student, teacher, and staff member in the school belongs to one of four groups known as a House. Houses are like teams; everyone belongs and everyone participates. Members of each House work together to compete against other Houses in the areas of academics, athletics, school spirit, and community service. Contests in creativity, trivia, races and relays, GPA, and sporting events are among some of the challenges.

Through these competitions, students earn dress down days and other privileges through the awarding of points. The house with the most points at the end of the year is deemed the “House of the Year,” and wins the opportunity to take a unique field trip. The House also holds the St. JPII Household Trophy for the following year. The friendly rivalry builds a healthy community environment where friendships are strengthened, faith is lived, and excellence is recognized.

 Fun Facts:

  • Each House is named after one of the doctors of the Church.
  • Each House has their own color, crest, and motto.
  • Most students are randomly assigned to Houses upon entering SJPII.
  • Younger siblings of enrolled students will automatically be assigned to the same House as their older siblings.
  • Houses are forever. That means future reunions, homecoming, and other alumni events take on added meaning.

Our Houses allow students to…

  • Become an important part of their school community from the very first day.
  • Engage in limitless opportunities to lead, participate, and serve.
  • Get to know people from all grade levels.
  • Extend and receive support for attendance at “Marquee Events” such as sports, games, fine arts performances, and other after-school activities. More people in attendance at events means more fun for everyone.
  • Discover and apply their gifts in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.

Meet the Houses

Click on the PDFs below to learn more about each house!