Message from the President

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is the mission of St. John Paul II Catholic High School to provide an affordable college preparatory curriculum within a Christ-centered Catholic environment. This mission encompasses the education of the whole person–spirit, mind, and body–within the tradition of the Catholic Church.

The endeavor of building a new Catholic High School at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century is a tribute to the Catholic Faithful who unswervingly express heartfelt gratitude to God for the many blessings in life. The 2016-2017 school year marks the fifteen anniversary of our school. As we celebrate our accomplishments, a new strategic plan has been implemented indicating where our school is heading, over the next five years. Here are two exciting partnerships we are working on:

Next year, we are readjusting our academic scheduling to include a course in Aquaculture. Students will be able to take Tallahassee Community College courses at the Wakulla Environmental Institute. This will involve traveling to the institute for lab work as well as a monthly field work excursion. This partnership with Tallahassee Community College is an exciting new edition to our academic program.
We will be developing a robotics program with the Challenger Learning Center, and St. John Paul II will become a site for summer programs to serve children in the Tallahassee area interested in this aspect of engineering.

This year, we have faced many contingencies with the current facilities and have tapped our budgetary monies to ensure we are up to code for an educational institutions. Our Annual Fund is designed to address these contingencies. To keep our tuition affordable, we rely on the generous support of stakeholders to help our school and its education mission. It is our goal, while Pope Francis sends our Diocese a new bishop, to aggressively address the major contingencies we are facing now so as to begin formulating a new site master plan to present to the new bishop. Your support of the St. John Paul II Annual Fund ensures that necessary resources will be available to:

– promote the mission of our school
– affirm our Catholic identity
– enhance the curriculum
– recruit the best faculty
– cultivate our students through the various spiritual, athletic, and extracurricular activities
– anticipate and respond to facilities expansion
– engage an effective marketing plan for increasing enrollment
– augment our social media presence among our constituents

I would not ask anyone to do something as wonderful as this if I was not willing to do my part. I have made my pledge to our Annual Fund. Contributions to the St. John Paul II Annual Fund may be tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please check with your personal tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your gift.

On behalf of our leadership team and faculty, we thank the families for supporting Catholic education and your commitment to St. John Paul II. Your efforts further the mission of the Church of bringing the Good  News of Jesus Christ to the world by providing your children with a Christ-centered experience of education. Colleges and universities are blest to have our graduates because of their discipline in learning and their example of Faith. Communities are enriched by the good example of St. John Paul II students and graduates. Our week-long celebration is a way of saying “thank you” to parents, who at the baptism of the children were blest with the acknowledgement that they are the first teachers of the their children in the ways of faith. Our school is blest and honored to support families in their sacramental mission. Through the intercession of St. John Paul II, may God Bless you.

For God’s Greater Glory…

Rev. Roy C. Marien, President