It is the mission of St. John Paul II Catholic High School to provide an affordable college preparatory curriculum within a Christ-centered Catholic environment. This mission encompasses the education of the whole person – spirit, mind, and body – within the tradition of the Catholic Church.




It is the commitment of all members of the St. John Paul II Catholic High School community to provide a varied program of religious experiences grounded in Catholic faith and tradition. Educational offerings will promote an academic understanding of our world and skills to develop a personal code of moral and ethical conduct. This environment will provide social and cultural opportunities that will lead to a greater embodiment for caring and giving within the community.

In order to achieve this mission and philosophy, the school subscribes to the following core values:

Catholic Community
The school seeks to teach and deepen the love of God and neighbor as revealed in Sacred Scripture. Through both curriculum and community, students will be taught to live and articulate the teachings of Catholicism. They will learn to respect the value of prayer and Christian service, to respect others and to be Disciples of Christ at home, in school and in the community.

Human Dignity
The school will help students to appreciate and respect others in our world. They will understand that God is the source of life from whom we come and to whom we will return.

Academic Excellence
The school will provide a well-rounded college preparatory curriculum. This will be accomplished in a framework of moral, ethical and spiritual growth encouraging and promoting independent thinking and problem solving.

Development of Vocations
The school will provide opportunities that support and nurture religious and secular vocations. Through programs and in-depth presentations students will see all aspects of career choice development open to them.



Belief Statements

Student development is rooted in a Christ-centered Catholic environment.

Each student is respected as an individual with unique intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Each student is capable of learning according to his/her ability.

Students learn in different ways and should be provided a variety of instructional methods.

Student achievement should be evaluated using various means of assessment or assessment techniques.

Well defined goals with high expectations for individual student achievement should be the cornerstone of the curriculum.

Respect for cultural, socio-economic and intellectual differences should be encouraged within the school.

The responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment should be shared among teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students and the community.

Catholic education should be available to students regardless of their family’s financial status.

All members of the school should be committed to continuous improvement and have a willingness to change in order to maintain the quality of the school.